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Journal of the Ottawa Citizen

Publisher Postmedia
E-ISSN 0839-3222
Print ISSN 0839-3222
Chief Editor Dr. Andrew Potter
Contact email
AddressTom Spears, political editor
Country Canada
Impact Factor Or Status0.44
Journal Description
The Ottawa Citizen Journal ("The Citizen," for short) is a social sciences journal. It is at the forefront of cross-disciplinary analysis of contemporary political philosophy and civic theory. It has a particular focus on Canadian politics at the federal and provincial levels, with analysis of evolving trends in the public policy implications of civic activism. Authors represent a diverse range of views, with no single political party or philosophy dominant in our journal. Articles cover the analysis of modern and postmodern political thought ranging from Edmund Burke to Harold Ballard. In the current year, many are tending toward a stochastic approach in analysis of current crises of the Canadian Senate, as exemplified by the sudden rise to power of Senator Andrew Hammond and his team. Our areas of focus can change quickly along with shifting political events.
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political theory
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