Friday, August 25, 2017


  • Publisher Faculty of Economics, State University of Tetova
    Print ISSN 1857-9566
    Chief Editor Vullnet Ameti
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    Country MACEDONIA
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    The Scientific journal “Economic Vision” is the first journal of the Faculty of Economics at the State University of Tetovo, which comes as a result of the commitment of the academic staff, and the contribution of local and foreign researchers. The journal marks a new beginning in the fields of economics and organizational science. Our efforts show a determination that the international scientific journal “Economic Vision” includes scientific paradigms, as carriers of higher education for a sustainable quality and based on scientific opinion, as a guarantee of genuine competition in the country and the region. In fact, the basic goal of our commitment is that the journal in question meets all the standards and criteria of an international journal, and be part of the indexed international scientific journals’ family. The journal is open to any cooperation with scientific researchers and invites to include successful managers and their experiences from various business communities. Namely, the joint contribution will certainly fulfil the function of a fundamental, applicable character, and will continuously and significantly enrich the economic theory and practice. On this occasion, I invite all the academics and experts affiliated with the aforementioned areas to be part of the scientific journal “Economic Vision”.
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