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Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences

PublisherUniversity of El Oued
Print ISSN1112-9867
Chief EditorTouhami Lanez
AddressUniversity of El Oued, Faculty of Science and Technology, PO BOX 789,39000, El Oued, Algeria
Impact Factor Or Status0.368
Journal Description
The Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences (J Fundament Appl Sci.), the ex 'Revue des Sciences Fondamentales et Appliquees' (RSFA) is a peer-reviewed Open Access journal published by the faculty of sciences and technology of the university of El Oued (Algeria). It covers a wide range of academic disciplines, mainly is sciences of mater, engineering sciences and life sciences, and it contributes to the progress and application of science by publishing scientific information which enable advancement in scientific research. More than 1000 authors already published with Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences.
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