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Cinq Continents

PublisherFaculty of Geography, Bucharest University
Print ISSN2247–2290
Chief EditorDaniel IOSIF; Mirela PARASCHIV
Impact Factor Or Status0.621
Journal Description
The Romanian Journal of Geography "Cinq Continents" represents an opportunity for publishing geographical research of young researchers, Phd Students and MSc students. The journal is peer-reviewed by a commission of experienced researchers and PhD Professors from all over the world. The Cinq Continents journal aims at publishing scientific articles in all geographical fields, among which research materials include topics such as geomorphology, hydrology, GIS, tourism, economic geography, urban geography, environment geography and political geography.
Journal Language
French, English, Spanish, Italian
Accessibility Type (Free/Paid)
Area of Specialization
All the geographical fields
Starting Year of the Journal
Online Availability (Yes/No)
Content Accessibility (Full Text/Abstract/ Table of Content)
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