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American Journal of Phytomedicine and Clinical Therapeutics

PublisherTiba Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
Print ISSNxxxx-xxxx
Chief EditorDr. A. Karhu
AddressTiba Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. 37/2, 37/363, K.P.W., G-441601
Impact Factor Or Status0.962
Journal Description
Analytical Toxicology Biochemical Pharmacology Chinese Medicine Resources Clinical Pharmacology Drug Delivery System Drug Information Drug Metabolism Ethnopharmacology Health Informatics Herbal Medicine Immunopharmacology Medical Informatics Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy Molecular Pharmacology Neuropsychopharmacology Pharmaceutical Care Pharmaceutics Pharmacodynamics Pharmacoepidemiology Pharmacogenetics Pharmacogenomics Pharmacokinetics Pharmacology and Neuroimaging Pharmacotherapy Pharmacy Informatic Pharmacy Practice Phytomedicine
Journal Language
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Area of Specialization
Phytomedicine and Clinical Therapeutics
Starting Year of the Journal
Online Availability (Yes/No)
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