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AIBR, Revista de Antropologia Iberoamericana

PublisherAsociacion de Antropologos Iberoamericanos en Red
Print ISSN1695-9752
Chief EditorSergio Lopez
AddressPHONE USA:[+1]-[434]-[249]-[59]-[14] Spain: [+34]-[608]-[61]-[49]-[27] MAILING ADDRESS USA:35 Spring Ct. Charlottesville (VA 22901) Spain: Felix Boix, 16 (4i). Madrid (28036). Spain EMAIL: members[AT]aibr[DOT]org
Impact Factor Or Status0.862
Journal Description
AIBR, Revista de Antropología Iberoamericana (Journal of Iberoamerican Anthropology) is an international print and online, peer-reviewed, and open-access journal in the field of Socio-Cultural Anthropology. Edited by the Network of Iberoamerican Anthropologists (Antropólogos Iberoamericanos en Red), and with over 7.300 readers; AIBR is one of the leading scientific journals in Anthropology in Spain, Portugal and Latin America.
Journal Language
English and Spanish
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